Terms of Use

A. The Card:
a. You can buy the card from any mentioned store in the section “Where to Buy”
b. Card Costs 50$s
c. You can use the card in all the categories we support under “Suppliers Page”
d. Each card can be used once in each category
e. Please check our suppliers Page to find the best solution for you

B. Activating the Card:
a. After Buying the card please go to our website
b. Go to section “Activate my card”
c. Please fill the following Information’s:
i. First Name
ii. Last Name
iii. Email Address
iv. Phone number
v. Address
vi. Birth Date
vii. Serial No
d. Press Activate
e. Your Card is now activated

C. Presenting Your Card:
a. Select your chosen supplier
b. Visit the supplier
c. Present your wedding circle card
d. The supplier will check the serial no and name match in his system and then he can use the card under his category